How to Decorate Your Hallway to Perfection

How to Decorate Your Hallway to Perfection

A hallway is often the first thing you see when you walk in the door, so why wouldn’t you want it styled to perfection? In our latest blog we share how to decorate a hallway for an unforgettable first impression!

Function First 

Whether you choose to style based on the hottest trends or your own personal taste there are some golden rules to follow in order to avoid a hallway faux pas! Stay away from over styling the space. A cluttered entrance isn’t welcoming but it sure is overwhelming. Less is more when it comes to setting the perfect first impression. Keep it simple with a couple of carefully curated pieces that show off your own style in a tasteful way. Remember to pick items that work in the confines of the space you have on offer.


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Keep It Simple

It can be tempting to use your hallway as a make-shift storage area. It’s no surprise that a majority of hallways feature a coat rack, umbrella stand and a collection of furniture purely placed because it fits the space. It’s no wonder that navigating your way through the front door can become a challenging task. Our advice is to curate a couple of sentimental pieces to style the space, and send the rest to storage. Floating shelves or a sleek table are subtle ways to add interest. Dress them up with a bit of greenery, paired with a couple of small trays used to hold important everyday items like car keys. So say goodbye to the bulky cabinet with draws of overflowing paperwork. Another way to keep it simple is by picking a consistent colour scheme. Choose your pallet wisely! Think timeless, subtle and inviting. You want to steer clear of dark, overpowering hues such as deep purples or reds as they can make a space look smaller.


Accent Wall

There’s no better way to make the most of your hallway space than to have an accent wall. This refers to the wall that is the central focus of your otherwise minimally styled space. Some great ideas to achieve this include having a a number of coat hooks placed roughly 10 inches apart. They can be used to hold your hats, bags and everyday items as opposed to a rack or stand that would rack. Another suggestion is to add a series of artwork or black and white professional photos for a more classic feel. If your interested in a more personal design add some of your favourite family photos or children’s art.

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