Get The Look: Tiny Houses

Get The Look: Tiny Houses

Despite their size, tiny houses are making big waves among homeowners, builders and designers. These petite structures have caught the attention of downsizers globally, and are inspiring many to think outside conventional building scales. From converted container houses to restored vintage caravans, the options are endless when it comes to designing your dream tiny home.

The tiny houses movement emphasises minimalism and simplicity, with these unique homes offering just 17 square metres of floor space on average. Its all about finding ways to optimise your space through streamlined décor and furnishing choices.

Discover why many are shifting away from traditional homes and living with less.


Housing affordability proves a major concern for many young adults. Craving privacy and independence, tiny homes are a popular way of achieving the freedom of home ownership at a fraction of the cost.

Tiny homes offer an attractive alternative to the traditional granny flats that require long and complicated council approval processes. The best versions of tiny homes boast bathrooms, kitchenettes and private access, making them the preferred living arrangement for many.

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The first step to the perfect tiny home is to create multi-use spaces. With such little floor space to play with, it’s essential to thoughtfully plan your interiors with a variety of uses to make every piece count.

Look for items such as ottomans and sofa beds that can be stored away when not in use. Find furniture with internal storage, and consider new ways of using existing items for maximise efficiency.

Invest in bespoke furniture tailored the dimensions of your home to allow you to take full advantage of the space available.

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The biggest advantage of tiny homes is their ability to change locations easily. Whether a converted caravan or container home, these properties are likely to require transporting so it’s essential to consider the durability of all décor choices.

Make sure to select lightweight materials and ensure all accessories can be packed away during transit. Think about vinyl look floors rather than hardwoods to reduce the weight of the home, and choose external paint for internal surfaces to withstand bumps and nicks while on the road.

It’s a good idea to think about backup power options such as solar panels, generators and spare water tanks if you are looking to move around frequently.


Mirrors and neutral colours are a must to make your space feel bigger and brighter. Bold colours can overpower small homes, so keep colours light and floor materials consistent to make the home’s interior feel larger.

Get creative and go hunting for vintage furniture to add character and charm to your tiny home. A simple lick of fresh paint will bring second-hand pieces to life, and make for an eye-catching statement in any space.

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