GET THE LOOK: Rose Gold Styling

GET THE LOOK: Rose Gold Styling

The metallic trend has hit it’s stylish zenith with rose gold – no longer is the metallic exclusive to jewellers, as more and more interiors designers are selecting the metallic to enhance their property styling projects.

So what’s so tantalising about this unique metallic? Well, most likely, the glamorous, sleek, sophisticated feel it has. Not quite gold, nor silver, nor copper – rose gold stands in a league of its own.

As with all good things, rose gold should be used in moderation, as going OTT will just result in “oh no, no”. With that in mind, here’s some inspiration for you to incorporate the rose gold trend into your interior décor home projects.


Trust us when we say, you don’t need to go crazy with the rose gold-ification of your home. A subtle addition here or there can really add a visually interesting focal point to complement the palette of a home. Take the above example – the warm palette complements the golden tones of the bowl nicely and the coffee table is minimally decorated exuding a really sleek, clean aesthetic to the entire space. If you really want to take your coffee table to the next level, check out our recipe for a perfect coffee table!


While there is definitely an art to incorporating small items around the home, it’s important to avoid creating a cluttered feeling. Instead, keep things simple but select interesting trinkets to enhance the homeliness. Just be sure to avoid “matchy-matchy”, try different pops of colour that would be in harmony with the rest of the home.


Image: Vault Interiors Property Styling


Let’s face it, the desk is usually not the most aesthetically pleasing space to be in. It can be cluttered, messy and plain boring. But, adding a rose gold storage or decorative pieces may simultaneously be able to help organise yourself while inspiring some creative thinking!

Desk accessorized with a rose gold stapler
Image: Vault Interiors Property Styling


For something that really adds a whoa factor to the home, think more permanent solutions such as feature lighting and tapware! Hanging metallic pendant lights over kitchen islands (like the image below) or above dining tables adds a visually appealing focal point, as well as a sophistication and softness that flatters every design scheme.


Image: Pinterest 


What do you think of the rose gold trend? Tell us below, we would love to hear from you!

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