Get The Look: Glam Classic

Get The Look: Glam Classic

The glam classic look embraces traditional style, but it is a style that can also look clean and sophisticated. The look is defined by a combination of a neutral base palette, complemented with splashes of accent colours and pops of silver or gold metallic. The details are classic, but the look is modern.


A classic glam look starts with a neutral base allowing you to build upon it with furnishings, accent colours and textures. The neutral base also gives the room a sense of openness and cleanliness to which the glam classic look pairs nicely. It will ensure a timeless scheme. Shades that work well for a glam classic look include Male Half, White Duck Quarter or Beige Royal by Dulux or Taubman’s Cotton ball or Garlic Clove.


This is where the glam element comes in. Add metallic touches and a dash of colour throughout the space. A bit of glitz will project the style of glam you are trying to portray and add drama to your space. An iconic arc lamp or this Bounty Side Table is a great addition to a room when trying to create a glam classic look. Build the look further with candles, ceiling to floor curtains and large mirrors.

Image: Bounty Side Table


An elegant tufted chair with gilded woodwork, a crushed velvet armchair or metal-studded wingback is a must-have if you are trying to achieve the glam classic look. For a more traditional glam look consider this Bonnie Occasional Chair. If you’re looking to make a statement consider this Red Clyde Occasional Chair, or for something with more of a contemporary edge we would recommend this Smalls Occasional Chair.

Image: Bonnie Occasional Chair, Red Clyde Occasional Chair and Smalls Occasional Chair


The overall glam classic look can be achieved through small details, consider mirrors with gold framework, luxe looking lamps and finishing details such as bronze studs on armchairs or sofas. This will add a tailored glamorous feel. Look for furniture and accessory items that are simple in their entirety but include little-detailed work such as buttons, studs and plush scatter cushions. These design elements craft and define the classic glam feel.

Image: Vault Interiors Property Styling

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