Get the Look: DIY Kids’ Playhouse Bed

Get the Look: DIY Kids’ Playhouse Bed

Remember when you were a kid? Playtime was everything and that feeling of being in a space that was safe and secure and yours meant the world.

For an easy way to give your children the experience of a fantastically fun playhouse and still retain that important sense of style, get the look here with our step-by-step guide.

Image: Liz Barrett – Vault Interiors


• KURA bunk bed (from IKEA)
• Timber mate filler (pine colour if you plan to leave it unpainted)
• A length of finger joint pine (42×42 x2400mm)
• Undercoat (we recommend Zinsser 123)
• Paint – in your desired colour (we recommend enamel)

Image: Liz Barrett – Vault Interiors


STEP 1: Either assemble your bed as per instructions to this point (or, if assembled, dismantle to this point)
You should have a four-poster bed box.
Note: make sure the side with the panel seam is facing down.

STEP 2: Take the four side rails and cut a 45-degree angle
Attach them to make a pitch. Some of these will have seams in them, we chose to have all outward facing but it is personal preference and depends on if you are prepared to fill (once painted, you can’t really see them).

Image: Liz Barrett – Vault Interiors


STEP 3: Take the final length of timber and cut to fit. Attach to the middle of the pitch.Discard remaining panelling.

Discard remaining panelling. Note: there are quite a few holes that will need to be filled so it is better if you plan to paint your cubby.

STEP 4: Once your cubby is ready to paint in undercoat then paint in your desired colour. If you are using it as a bed, insert slats and place the mattress on.
*NB we used all timber supplied by IKEA bed. We replaced one of the bottom rails with a mitred, joined piece from the excess timber (this will not effect the structural
integrity of the bed).

STEP 5: Let your little one loose in this fun, playful space. Your choice of cushions and bedding help create the look they’ll love.

Concept by Liz Barrett

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