GET THE LOOK: Contemporary Coastal Styling

GET THE LOOK: Contemporary Coastal Styling

No, we’re not talking about the coastal vibe that means your house is overloaded with seashells and nautical symbols. We’re talking about a relaxed crisp styling that pays respects to some of the most magnificent elements of nature – Australian beaches. 

There’s nothing quite like falling asleep or awakening to the rhythmic sounds of crashing waves. It has an almost therapeutic effect, is deeply relaxing and soothing for the mind, body and soul. As such, coastal styling needs to evoke the same relaxing and inviting sensation through a particular selection of colour, pattern and design. To help you achieve this unique feel, we’ve provided some key points to help you recreate a contemporary coastal oasis in your own home.


While a classic coastal vibe includes more neutral and muted shades, like washed out greens and blues, we here at Vault Interiors love to do things a bit differently! Bold choices of accent colours can be incorporated against the backdrop of a neutral base. This is a more contemporary take on the coastal vibe – it’s sleek and has more of an eclectic aesthetic – which really adds a whoa factor and differentiates your home when styling for sale too! Pops of colour can be introduced through furniture and accessories however, a neutral base should remain as your recurring theme, especially for wall paint and ceilings.

To achieve your dream beachy oasis, rugs are the perfect accompaniment! Natural is definitely best here. Think open-weave rugs in natural fibres to introduce colour and texture.


Image: Vault Interiors Property Styling


The cliché of shells and driftwood do not need to be the first port of call to create an authentic coastal vibe. In fact, a subtle homage to this style is much more effective. Think natural toned pieces, large interesting vases or candles as these will work to fortify a relaxed, contemporary coastal vibe in your home.


Image: Vault Interiors Property Styling


What is not to love about indoor plants – with a plethora of health benefits, they improve any styling scheme and enhance the ambience in any home. But for achieving a coastal vibe plants work to bring nature inside, replicating an island like, tropical feel. Beautiful deep greens are incredibly compatible with the neutrals, whites and blues that are infused throughout your home.

As always, we also recommend the incorporation of fresh flowers – these will really add vibrancy and freshness to your home while enhancing the crispness of your styling.

Small plant on a white marble coffee table, property styling shot

Image: Vault Interiors Property Styling


One of the best parts about hanging out on the beach is feeling the sun kiss your face and soaking up the vitamin D! As such, it’s important to ensure your home is full of natural light to replicate this sensation. So dismantle those heavy winter curtains, and replace them with soft sheets, which move with the breeze.

If you have the budget, add some plantation shutters or the cheaper option of wide-blade Venetian blinds to control the light on hotter days.

Image: Vault Interiors Property Styling

It’s important for a complete and consistent feel that you also focus on creating a coastal vibe in your outdoor area! Check out this blog to figure out the best way to bring the feeling of the beach to your outdoor space.


What is your favourite addition to a home with a coastal vibe? Share with us, we would love to hear from you!

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