Get The Look: Colour Blocking

colour blocking

Get The Look: Colour Blocking

The runways over the years have been sprinkled with the colour blocking trend – it’s a striking trend that makes a heck of an impact. Like the idea in fashion, colour blocking for home styling allows colours to be paired for their contrast and capacity to direct the eye. It’s used to highlight features and create impact in a room.

Done correctly, colour blocking incorporated into your home can elicit some serious whoa factor.

Here are some tips for effective colour blocking in your home.


For those who prefer a paired-back, subtle interior – the mild approach is a great way to incorporate the colour blocking trend. Keep the tones within the same colour family and choose different hues of the same colour. Pastels such as soft pinks, blues and yellows can work well with a base, neutral palette, and is a great way to add vibrancy while not being too OTT.

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For those of you who really like it hot! Selecting a bold colour scheme can really make an impact, but be careful, it can become too overwhelming if there are too many shades competing for your eye’s attention. Again, this works particularly well with a neutral palette, and selecting one or two focal items whose tones are complementary to the other items in the room works best for creating a harmonious, well-balanced space.

colour blocking

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An easy way of adding colour blocking into your home is through accent sofas, chairs, pillows, table décor and curtains with contrasting solid colours.

Plain sofa? Spruce it up with a bright, colourful set of pillows and a throw.

Space needing a lift but on a budget? Think curtains! To really tie the room together, complement your curtain choice with some matching accessories such as lamps or pillows. Another fantastic option is wall art – by adding a bold piece, you can turn your dull space into a modern masterpiece!


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Another adventurous option for those who really want to leave a lasting impression. One way to incorporate this trend is by painting one or two accent walls in your favourite contrasting shades and scatter complementary items throughout the room to tie it together – wallpaper is a great option for this look. Stick to one feature wall to avoid going overboard.


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