Get Rid Of This Popular Trend – Scandi Styling

Get Rid Of This Popular Trend – Scandi Styling

Scandi styling has been going strong for a while now, but has this popular trend lost its magic? Our verdict is a firm yes! So many homeowners have been opting for this aesthetic due to its minimalist, functional and effortless approach. While this sounds great on paper the Vaultsters have noticed a growing interior styling epidemic. Too many homes are becoming bland, and matchy matchy. 

We think now is the time to instead insert a little personality and character into your home. Why do we feel this is important? Simply by encouraging property owners to inject some colour and textured items into their homes individuals can achieve a more bespoke and unique feel. Do you want to avoid having a display suite theme? Then read on to learn our top tips to introducing an original twist to the Scandinavian style.

Colourful covers

The Scandinavian trend is to swap out any colour for plain jute or white rugs, so this leaves a great opportunity for you to bring in a rug. Preferably ones that have some patina, age, or pattern as well as colour. If you want a fairly neutral feel still, opt for patterns over colours, or colours in muted or washed out tones. Adding a vintage kilim or Persian rug to your bedroom or living space is a fantastic way to incorporate some stylistic flare. Have fun with your rugs and reject the Scandi simplicity!












Vintage statements

Vintage items always add a story or some mystery to a space. Hunt around at the salvos, markets or vintage furniture stores for a statement piece. A retro coffee table, a unique chair or something as small as brass or ceramic vases, or coloured glassware will help add character to your space. The trick is to have something old in amongst fresh new interior to create a more welcoming feeling.

Cushion crazy

Scatter a few cushions to inject some vibrancy to your colour palette. This, along with one or two accessories, can be enough to change the feel of your space. Try injecting warm tones such as rich plum, mustard, dark green or blush.










Interesting lighting

A vintage table, or floor lamp can add an earthy twist to your space. Popular in bohemian inspired interiors, a tray with lots of candles can make a good coffee table centre piece. Try incorporating colourful lamps. This will immediately make your space more interesting, livening up the minimalist muted colour scheme.

Homely haven

Want to make your space feel homelier? To do this successfully try layering additional items such as large floor scatter cushions, ottomans or a group of interesting side tables which can work as a coffee table. Be adventurous in your choices! The best part about making a space your own is the fact you can’t go wrong with styling the space as you like it.










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