Flooring It! The Latest Flooring Trends

Flooring It! The Latest Flooring Trends

Floor and wall colour are known to be the base of your whole interior scheme. Time should be spent looking at certain factors of your home and your interior scheme before deciding on what will make you happy. That’s why we’ve put together a few tips on the latest in flooring trends and how to work with these when renovating.


Light oak flooring has always been popular, however with the recent Scandinavian and Japandi interior trends, homeowners have gravitated towards oak floors with a slight whitewash or grey wash finish. Even the darker toned products seem to have a hint of grey wash to them now. Water-based topcoats or matte finishes are used more often which sit well with more modern or minimal spaces.

In contrast to this modern look,  traditional patterned tiles have also come into fashion. Parquetry patterns or tradition patterned tiles are an example of this traditional look which homeowners really love. However, the style has been reinvented where the traditional look of the tile paired with a metallic or monochromatic palette is evident.


In terms of carpet trends, sisal or plush mid-coloured tone carpets are still on trend. Our prediction is that patterned carpets will make a comeback in a reimagined sense, with the look being embraced by architects and designers. This will have a more glam and detailed feel and we think creative patterned carpets will start appearing in stores.

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The first thing to remember is that when choosing your flooring, the lighting in the store will be different to that of your home and will have a different look against your interiors, wall colour etc. Always get a sample of your carpet, tile or wood and test it out with the natural light and all other elements in your home.

Consider the way you live, function and the overall aesthetics of the space you are wanting to floor. Hardwood flooring won’t be the best option if you have a large dog that will scratch it, wear heels often or have kids who roller skate indoors. A more durable bamboo floating floor will probably be best here. If you suffer from allergies, nylon or polypropylene blends of wool will best suit you. These are just a few considerations to take.

Going with a neutral colour is our recommendation. Being able to inject colour and style through furniture, decor and accessories is far easier and more cost effective than replacing a bold floor once you are tired of it.

If you are a DIY’er, simple click lock floating floor systems that you find at Bunnings are fine to install yourself and are pretty straightforward. We do suggest, however, leaving any hardwood flooring to the professionals as it’s all about the right levelling, which can ruin your hard work if it’s not 100% from the beginning.

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If your budget doesn’t stretch to the real deal, we recommend vinyl flooring. Specifically in areas like your laundry, kitchen, garage conversion or a sunroom where there is high traffic. There are so many decent timber-look or concrete-look patterns out there that come out looking really great. You could even draw the attention to a nice cabinet or furnishings in the space.

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