Get The Look Of A Fashion Blogger’s Closet

Get The Look Of A Fashion Blogger’s Closet

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It’s no surprise that fashion bloggers have effortlessly cool style, but have you realised this extends to their wardrobe too? Take one look inside these ultra-sleek, impeccably organised wardrobes and you will surely come down with a serious case of closet envy. If you want to emulate the look for less, then use our simple hacks as a guide to style your own closet.

Rug up

Shag carpeted rugs can add a sense of glamour in seconds. Try to keep the colours light and neutral to optimise your space. This will give your closet an airy and timeless aesthetic. Stay on trend by going for a pale pink, blush or light beige. If your style choices tend to be bolder try an animal print mat or a circular feature rug to still allow for the illusion of added space.

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All in the details

Make the most of the space you have by incorporating small item separators that can double as décor. Velvet lined box dividers are a great way to display your sunglasses in a space conscious way. Investing in ceramic plates, small gold bowls or marble display trays is currently the stylish way celebrities and bloggers love to organise their jewellery collections. Make sure each holder is storing a specific type of item as cohesion is the unbreakable rule to smart styling. Looking to maximise your space even more? Buy a clothing rack to feature some of your most worn pieces.

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Coordinate couture

A stylish closet is one where function meets fashion seamlessly. Achieve this by organising your clothing into categories. Whether it be by colour or season, pick a system and stick to it. There’s no wrong way to categorise a closet, however if you want to follow in the footsteps of the fashion experts then your best option would be to coordinate based on clothing items and then by colour.

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Get crafty

Don’t get rid of that old bookcase just yet! Use it to line up your bags and shoes to create a unique feature display cabinet. Take that old bulletin board and pin up necklaces and photos. Invest in some artwork or design your own inspiration board to add a pop of personality to the space. Can’t find any inspiration? Plants or a vase of flowers are always winners.

Shades of cool

Lighting is the difference between drab and fab if done right. Why stick with a boring harsh wall mounted fixture? Inexpensive crystal chandelier feature lights can retail for around $60. If changing your light isn’t possible opt for fairy lights or ring lit mirrors. This focus on brightness should be echoed in the colours featured within the space. Try to keep the palette minimal, sticking to neutral shades.

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See potential

Mirrors are essential in any closet space, so why not look for a feature mirror? If you have the space, try to invest in a full length one as it will only add even more space to the closet. Another fail safe trick is installing acrylic transparent drawers. Not only are they a time saver when looking for your favourite clothes but they add an extra touch of elegance.

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