Hot Trend – Earthy Vintage Interiors

Hot Trend – Earthy Vintage Interiors

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If you’ve been staying on top of the styling scene or opened a home magazine recently you will have noticed one trend dominating property lookbooks. Earthy vintage interiors. This season’s hottest trend is popular due to its mass appeal and easy to achieve aesthetic. Effortlessly evoking a warm and welcoming atmosphere it’s obvious to see why it has become a go to look.

Here’s how you can recreate this hot aesthetic in your home!

Focal features

Like the rise of bohemian style, earthy vintage interiors are all about showcasing your personality in a natural, unique fashion. Defined by its use of rustic autumn tones, replicating this style is all about mixing soft creamy whites, beige and browns. Incorporating rare furniture finds or pre-loved accessories is an absolute must. The most important factor in nailing this trend is ensuring you have fun and inject your personality into all your styling choices.

Wooden furniture lends itself exceptionally well to this look, evident in how prominently it is featured in professionally styled property shoots. The best part of achieving this look is that it centres on an individuals’ own interests and stylistic preferences. A popular choice is creating a focal feature for travel items, photographs and antiques.

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Interior inspiration

If you’re loving this trend as much as we are, then try out some of these simple suggestions and watch your space transform instantly. Start by selecting a focal feature and dressing your room around this item. Some popular examples include a rattan sideboard or cane bookshelf. Once you know what your key furniture piece is don’t stray from the cardinal rule, a natural colour palette. Accomplish this by keeping the tones light, bright and inviting! A cream sofa, with soft Autumn accented cushions and a warm woollen throw is a fashionable way to perfect the look.

Now you have the fundamentals sorted, let’s dive into the décor details. Sisal or Persian rugs are an interesting trimming to explore. Play around with vintage and reclaimed items. This is both an inexpensive and fun way to create a nostalgic atmosphere to your space. Don’t shy away from warm burnt orange, plum and rust colours to shake up the colour scheme. Similarly, boho floral groupings such as dried palm leaves and orchids always add a fresh touch to the space.

Image source: @thejoshuatreehouse


Get the look

To perfect the look certain accessories add unparalleled finishing touches. The best part is the team at Vault have you covered! By hiring our professional styling packages, you will have access to a cane bookshelf, sisal or cow hide rug and rattan armchairs. Not to mention our range of textured cushions, boho floor lamps and neutral accessories that will all be available for your usage. In no time our team will have you on trend and spoilt for choice!

Image source: @thejoshuatreehouse


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