Creating An Intergenerational Home

Creating An Intergenerational Home

With property costs continuing to rise, many families are considering the benefits of intergenerational living. Creating a home with multiple generations under one roof is proving a popular option for many families.

For those opting for this arrangement, there are several factors to consider. Bringing numerous generations into close living quarters requires preparation and planning to ensure each occupant’s independence and privacy.

These are our top tips on how to nail an intergenerational home, and what features are essential to your household’s success.


Housing affordability is a major factor leading many adult children to extend their stay in family homes. With extreme competition to secure inner city rentals, the prospect of living at home to save for future investments offers an attractive alternative for many young adults.

As a multicultural nation, Australia has experienced the growth of 3 or even 4 generations living under one roof. This proves a wonderful way of communal living that allows all family members to feel connected and supported in the same household.

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To ensure your intergenerational home is a success, there are some important discussions to have prior to building.

Is the size of the property adequate?

The size of your property is a major factor to consider, as it must be large enough to comfortably accommodate all family members.

What time frame are we looking at?

Discuss the long-term plans of each occupant to understand the longevity of this household arrangement. Do your adult children see this home as a temporary arrangement? Will your grandparents consider moving to aged care accommodation soon?

Alternatively, if this appears to be a permanent arrangement you must consider each family member’s needs for privacy and space. Although building multiple bathrooms and kitchenettes will be large upfront costs, these are necessary investments that will serve you well in the long term.

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The biggest factor to consider is whether your home has self-contained spaces. Building a granny flat or converted apartment within a home is extremely desirable, as it allows all occupants to have a degree of autonomy, privacy, and independence.

Be aware of key zones such as bathrooms, kitchens and access points like side entrances and back gates. Separate zones and ample privacy are essential to  within the household. Giving each family member a place to retreat and call their own will help achieve a harmonious household dynamic.

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To achieve peace and quiet in a busy household, it’s worth investing in ways to alleviate noise. Think about using room dividers like stud walls with insulation or even double bricks to trap noise and prevent sound carrying between spaces.

Add thick underlays, heavy curtains and plush carpet to minimise disruptions, particularly in properties will tiles or floorboards. If you’ve got young children or musicians in the home, opt for acoustic panels in aesthetically pleasing designs to reduce noise vibrations.

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