Get The Look: Cosy Winter Cabin

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Get The Look: Cosy Winter Cabin

Winter is coming. 

It’s time to chop up the fire wood, soften your colour palette, and layer up your property in preparation for those inevitable rainy days.

With winter fast approaching we want to share with you our 4 essential tips to turn your home into the ultimate cosy cabin during the upcoming cooler months.


In the cooler months, it’s important to focus on keeping that warmth and bright light in your property. Utilising your fireplace will not only keep your home toasty in temperature but will immediately enhance those cosy cabin vibes we all crave on a cold, rainy day.

Set up some chairs to face the fireplace and stack books and puzzles nearby to keep the whole family occupied while they enjoy the natural warmth.

For added texture, arrange raw cut wood around the setting. This will not only be practical for keeping that fire alight but will also add another layer of rustic texture to the space.


Image: Vault Interiors Property Styling


Finding ways to brighten your home during the cooler months can be difficult, but never fear! It is very possible. If natural lighting isn’t making the cut in your home don’t be afraid to lighten the colour palette of your décor to give your home that fresh, bright feel we all love.

Style your home with creams, whites, and light greys, adding in gentle pastels where you think it’s necessary. Softening your colour palette will make your home feel fresh, light, and clean throughout the darker winter months.

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Image: Vault Interiors Property Styling


In the colder months of the year, well-planned lighting is essential to keep your home feeling warm and alive.

Mixing small lamps with large floor standing lights will allow you to layer the strength of the light as we move through daylight savings. Lighting scented candles in the evening will create that ultimate warm, cosy atmosphere for the entire family.

natural lighting

Image: Vault Interiors Property Styling


Yes, you heard us. Everything! Winter is the perfect opportunity to pull those rugs and throws out of storage and play around with different textures, shapes, and sizes to add warmth to your flooring. We love the look of a rustic cowhide paired with a natural jute rug to add texture and depth to a living room or bedroom.

Add throws to your bedding, and always keep an extra basket of blankets in the living room for quick access to added cosiness on those extra chilly evenings.


Image: Vault Interiors Property Styling

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