Banish boring walls with these bold ideas

metallic wallpaper

Banish boring walls with these bold ideas

Sick of the same old neutral walls? Here are some trending ideas to break the mould and add flair to your space.

Popular with the likes of Greg Natale and Terry Kaljo, this look is becoming a designer worthy trend and works especially well in period homes. Create a contrast by pairing a deep wall colour like navy, purple, blue or green with a bright white ceiling, skirtings, architraves and/or mouldings.
feature wallsImage: Arch Digest

If you don’t quite have the courage to go for the deep dark colours or your lacking in natural light, you can achieve a lovely muted look with blue-grey paint tones. Again you want to create a contrast by painting your skirting, architraves or/and mouldings bright white. This look is more practical and can be paired with contemporary or traditional styles of décor.

oheightohnine grey wall

Image: Oh eight Oh nine

Add some bling to your home with a metallic feature wall. Achieve the look with wallpaper, use a textured paper for additional layers of interest.

metallic wallpaperImage: Home Adore


This simple removable trick can add major impact to a room without creating any permanent changes. If you’re creative you could even make this yourself and select your own fabric.

gregnataleImage: Greg Natale Design

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