3 Ways To Attract More Prospective Tenants

3 Ways To Attract More Prospective Tenants

It’s no secret that the rental market right now is a tricky space to navigate. With so many options available to potential tenants many agents and landlords are finding themselves struggling against lower rental prices.

If you’re looking to beat the competition and stand out in an over saturated market then we’ve got you covered. It’s essential to remember that properties need to be presented in the best light possible. This means your styling, marketing and open houses must be perfect. Want some guidance? You’re in luck! Read on to learn more about what we think are the 3 best ways to attract more prospective tenants.

Impeccable styling

If the property is vacant this is a great opportunity to make it stand out in the market and get it leased quickly. Utilise this time to style the property according to the type of occupant you are hoping to attract. Styling is the number one way to elevate your space. This is due to its ability to paint a picture surrounding the potential lifestyle the tenant can live. A well styled space can offer ideas to the prospective tenants on everything from colour schemes, to furnishings that fit the scale of the rooms. The more attractive the lifestyle, the more likely for interested parties to be able to envision themselves within the space. Want some help putting your property together, a property furniture package might be the answer.












Flawless finishes

When there is an abundance of options, it is important to never underestimate the power of a move-in ready property. This means it’s time to renovate! Ensure you have covered any minor repairs from previous occupants wear and tear. What should you be looking out for? Try to remove scuff marks and give any peeling paint a fresh coat. Other problems such as mould and damaged floors can be cleverly detracted from through expert styling. A well placed armchair, or feature furniture piece can reduce the emphasis surrounding any property blemishes. These touch ups will have moving into your space looking like a low maintenance task.












Keeping it clean

Mess is a fact of life everyone would rather not face. But it’s time to tackle those cobwebs and clean those cupboards! Buyers want to see your property at its most ideal state. Which means you want spotless floors, a sparkling kitchen and dirt free windowsills. Declutter all common spaces and cupboards to provide the illusion of more space. Remember, the cleaner the property is the more loved it looks. Buyers are more willing to see potential in a property if its prior owners took pride in it. Even if your property has been vacant for some time it’s vital to give it a thorough clean before any inspections occur. Settled dust sends prospective tenants the message that this place has been empty for a while! This is not the most appealing association and should be avoided.












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