Art Start – Where to begin with Art

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Art Start – Where to begin with Art

The world of art can be both confusing and intimidating. Our guide to getting started with Art will give you a head start when sourcing and selecting artworks for your home.

Ease into it

If you’re new to the art scene, it can feel pretentious and hard to infiltrate. Ease into it with a day trip to a prominent gallery with a broad range of works, like The Art Gallery of NSW (for Sydneysiders) or the National Gallery of Victoria (for Melbournites). These galleries are a great introduction to Art and can give you an idea of art styles through the ages. Once you’ve got a feel for what is out there you can start to get an idea of what you like. After all, art is interpretive and what one person likes may not be the case for another.

Visit some local galleries

Build your knowledge about art and pricing by exploring some galleries in your local area. There are tons of small galleries around in Sydney which exhibit a range of artworks at various prices and have free admission.

Here are a few of our faves to get you started: M2 Gallery in Surry Hills, White Rabbit Collection in Chippendale, Roslyn Oxley 9 in Paddington and 2 Danks Street in Waterloo.

Get involved in art events

Sydney is host to various Arty events and festivals throughout the year which usually showcase hundreds of art exhibitions, artist talks, seminars about art collecting and much more.

Keep an eye out for:

  • Art & About Sydney – A festival style event with a month long program from September to October, this event now includes ongoing exhibitions as well.
  • Art Month Sydney – A contemporary art festival running in the month of March each year features plenty of exhibitions including walking tours and seminar and workshop style events.
  • Biennale of Sydney – Running every second year (the next one from March to June 2016), this is the largest contemporary visual arts festivals in Sydney and includes artist talks, exhibitions, performances and various other spectacular scenes.

Look for emerging artists on Instagram

Instagram is a popular medium with artists wishing to showcase their work and build a following, and this is especially so for up-and-coming artists. We love the works of @artofthecircle (Sholto Morton), @mwestonart (Megan Weston), @danielle_cross (Danielle Cross) and @breerennie (Bree Rennie).

Go for limited edition prints or photography

Original artworks or paintings on canvas can be pricey, as they take the artists a long time to create. If you’re on a budget why not kick off your collection with some killer prints! is a fantastic place to start when looking for prints, the works tend to be very affordable and Etsy allows you to access art from all over the world.

Victorian based, Norsu Interiors have a lovely range of ‘Scandi’ style prints that you can purchase online. Another great resource if you are Sydney based is Outré Gallery in Surry Hills. Outré Gallery specialises in contemporary international pop, lowbrow, pop surrealism, tiki, modern folk, and underground art. They hold regular exhibitions and have affordable prints to suit many tastes.

We also love the works of Jen Ramos for modern and feminine prints and Jen Liz Rome for illustration style prints. Former Melbourne based graphic designer, Brent Rosenberg has some stunning geometric and three-dimensional style works.

Make it personal
Your collection doesn’t have to be all professional art or prints you’ve purchased. Get creative and make your own art! Photographs, mementos like posters and ticket stubs and old newspapers can all be framed up in interesting ways to create a piece of art.

Who is your favourite emerging artist? We would love to hear your tips, leave us a comment below.

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Image: Megan Weston Art

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