How To Get More AirBnB Bookings

How To Get More AirBnB Bookings

With the rise in popularity for Airbnb anyone with spare space can become an investment property manager! While that can be a great opportunity, it’s often hard to differentiate yourself with so many options out there. So what can you do to make your place stand out from the crowd? 

The secret to securing more bookings, better reviews, and killing the competition is surprisingly simple. It’s all about the experience on offer! In a world dominated by our social feeds, your guests want a memorable stay. Namely, they want to post enviable content on their social media. Now you know the secret, let’s get into the tricks to being the perfect host.

Create a destination

If your property is in a great location, chances are you will be competing with your neighbours to lock down bookings. That’s why your space needs to be unique, interesting, and aesthetically pleasing. Dare to be bold, and maybe even think of a theme.

Need some more direction? Go all out with a vintage aesthetic. Have vinyl records, band posters, or interesting wall art. Maybe coastal suits your style better? This is particularly effective for beachside locations. Whatever your style is, remember the important factor is to give your room some personality. If you’re still having a bit of trouble putting your property together, a property furniture package might be the answer.










Luxury lifestyle

Style is a bonus, but comfort is a must! Your focus should be on providing a service that puts 5 star hotels to shame. Make sure you go above and beyond the expected standards by including some fabulous finishing touches. Little things like fresh quality linen, and a fully well equipped kitchen will do wonders for your online reviews. Bathrooms can be the make or break point. If you stock plush towels, fresh flowers, and scented soaps you will be way ahead of the game.

Welcome tips

Ever wanted to explore a place like the locals do? You aren’t alone. That’s why your local knowledge goes a long way. Try leaving a list of personal recommendations on hotspots that don’t make the traveller guides. People are always interested in recommendations on where to eat and what to do. Even if your favourite places aren’t the most outlandish, the effort and thought placed behind improving their stay will be positively received.

Want to give them a welcome they won’t forget? Leave small gifts like a box of chocolates, a welcome basket, or a personalised card.

Marketing magic

You’ve got the look, you’ve nailed the experience, but no one’s heard of your place? Here’s where the magic of marketing will be your best friend! Invest in some professional photography to showcase your property in its absolute best light. Once the photos are sorted don’t shy away from socials! Set up an Instagram page fully equipped with a personalised hashtag. Encourage guests to share their experiences via reviews and online posts. Be sure to repost this content as majority of guests find word of mouth marketing the most trustworthy source of information. Let your guests do the selling for you. If the property is really taking off, a website and a catchy name could be on the cards to further your property’s brand online. Whilst property pictures are essential, posts concerning current community events, potential lifestyle details, and general suburb profiles can also go a long way in adding value to your space.

Airbnb and Holiday Rental Furniture Packages

Want to get your Airbnb bookings up and rake in those 5 star ratings? We offer three different Airbnb Furniture Packages to guarantee good first (and lasting) impressions. We use only excellent brands with good quality furniture and have a full install team to make sure the process is stress-free for you.

Airbnb/Holiday Rental Essentials Package

Airbnb/Holiday Rental Contemporary Package

Airbnb/Holiday Rental Luxe Package




















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