A Stylist Guide to Decorating with Florals

A Stylist Guide to Decorating with Florals

Spring has sprung, and so has the perfect excuse to redecorate and refresh your home. If it’s all feeling a little dull, florals are the perfect and timeless addition that you need in order to enhance your space and bring a vibrancy to your humble abode. We’ve collated our top 5 expert styling tips to help with your seasonal transition:


We all love our nanna’s, but that doesn’t necessarily mean we want to replicate her way of interior decorating! To avoid floral overload, ensure prints are small and not too much of the same pattern. Instead, opt for large scale patterns to get less grandma vibes and more whoa!

Balance is also essential – avoid recovering a whole sofa in a floral fabric because it can be just visually too much pattern. Opt instead for one or two floral scatter cushions, mixed in with some block colour cushions – for a floral punch that isn’t too OTT.

We know it may be daunting to mix floral patterns but trying to be “matchy-matchy” will drastically date your space (keep that approach for your shoes and handbag styling – not with florals!). Instead, for a modern twist, mix a few floral patterns, with a different scale to each pattern. As long as the colours and tones are similar, it will work beautifully and look more tailored and refined – rather than stifling and repetitive!


Florals on the catwalk are usually associated with more feminine aesthetic – but don’t let that deter you. In the below image features a beautiful Designer’s Guild wallpaper that has a delicate floral blossom, but due to the design and colouring, it doesn’t feel overly girly. The black accents also make it feel less dated. Don’t let traditional pastel florals confine your thinking – be unique by opting for a bright neon pattern for a modernized floral look. But, pastels done well are a fabulous addition – read this article to figure out how to incorporate them.



Image: Styled by Vault Interiors Property Styling


At Vault Interiors are huge fans of artwork – they provide a wonderfully impactful, yet easy means of adding a unique dimension to your space. Below we see a dramatic over scale blossom branch – but due to the style of artwork, the frame, and the color palette – it’s edgy and therefore can appeal to both sexes. Mix monochromatic floral patterned artwork with block colour cushions for a stylish look. Read this article if you want more help on banishing boring walls!


Image: Styled by Vault Interiors Property Styling

Tip 4.) Upholstery – what’s old is new again!

We’ve all heard the saying “less is more” – and that definitely holds true for florals. Subtle pops work best – so recovering one item of furniture as a statement item may be enough to bring in the spring feeling – without having to redo your whole room or buy too many new items. Think about upholstering a floral fabric on a statement occasional chair, a headboard or ottoman – a little spend for big impact! See how else you can bring the old back to life with this helpful blog post.

Tip 5) Commitment issues? Think rugs and curtains!

A vibrant zesty floral pattern rug will be a fantastic visual anchor to your property styling efforts. Also, think outside just flowers, and look for buds, blossom and branch motifs – they all fall under the floral umbrella but are more modern – and can always be swapped out as the seasons change.

Curtains made with a soft floral pattern are another fantastic way to welcome the new season into your home – non-permanent, simple and affordable! If you’re still wanting more inspiration check out our top 5 tips to bring Spring into your home.


Image: Styled by Vault Interiors Property Styling

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