A recipe for the perfect coffee table

A recipe for the perfect coffee table

All the ingredients you need for a perfectly styled coffee table. Note ingredients may vary depending on the size of your table.


  • 2 – 3 coffee table books
  • 1 decorative tray
  • 1 beautiful scented candle
  • Fresh flowers or a small plant
  • Something sculptural
  • 1 vessel – a box, canister or bowl
  • A spoonful of personality
  • A pinch of varying height
  • A sprinkle of sparkle, to serve


Step 1: Stack or place your coffee table books in size order starting with the largest at the bottom. You can create multiple stacks of books or spread the books out in a neat grid which will become the base of your table. Larger coffee tables can cater for more books if you like.

Step 2: Place your tray on the table to group together your decorative items and scented candle. You can create an interesting contrast by using a tray that is shaped differently to your table, for example, a round tray on a rectangular table.

Step 3: Add a vase of fresh flowers or a small plant such as a succulent. Terrariums are also a popular low-maintenance choice.

Step 4: Add an item with height, this could be a sculptural item, a candlestick or even a tall bunch of flowers. Varying heights add interest and visual balance.

Step 5: Include a vessel – a colourful ceramic bowl or plate can look great. A decorative box doubles as a handy way to hide your remote controls.

Step 6: Add something personal – a trinket from your childhood, an antique you’ve inherited, a piece of interesting jewellery or something you’ve collected whilst travelling.

Step 7: Serve with a sprinkle of sparkle such as a metallic accessory or glass object.

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