8 Affordable Additions To Up Your Open House Game

8 Affordable Additions To Up Your Open House Game

When it comes to open houses, it’s the details which count. The atmosphere you create in your home needs to make potential buyers feel like they are stepping into a clean, comfortable space they could easily call their own. You don’t need to spend a fortune to create the right atmosphere for your open home, which is why we have put together a list of affordable additions up your open house game when selling your home.


Bathrooms are fast becoming one of the most important rooms in the home. People want to be able to have a bathroom which they enjoy spending time in, so you want them to enjoy it on the day of the open home. Create a space with details such as designer soap dispensers, lush towels and flannels and pretty storage items to tidy the bathroom and present the space in a fresh, organised way.


Flowers and natural elements in your living space can boost a person’s mood and well-being without them even knowing it.  Having flowers on display will not only improve the viewer’s mood but improve the presentation of your home, add a boost of freshness and a pop of colour.

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An atmosphere isn’t always what you see and hear. The scent of a home can be welcoming too. Scents which aren’t overpowering but still make the home smell crisp and “new” make people more comfortable and feel as though they are entering a clean home.

A good quality room spray will also do the trick. These will give your home a luxurious feel.


Piles of paper, to-do lists or any other unsightly objects cluttering up your office space don’t say ‘stylish space’ to a potential home buyer.  Especially your study area is exposed, i.e. a study nook. Make the space look as big as possible by clearing away clutter and getting organised. Hit IKEA and grab yourself some office organisers to keep your desk and shelves neat and tidy. Clear any other clutter out of site by storing it in a cupboard.


Swap out daggy old bedding for a neutral, contemporary bedspread that suits the overall look of the home. You don’t have to fork out hundreds of dollars for 1000 count Egyptian cotton, department stores like Target and Kmart have well-priced options that will create the impact you need. Having bedding which looks fresh and modern will neaten the space and give it a revived look. Go for traditional white for crispness and add some colour, texture and personality to the bed with bright cushions and a throw.

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If you don’t have natural light coming into your house, the best thing to do is to put as many lights on as possible during your open homes. Having light in your home will bring life and create that homely atmosphere you are going for, as well as make the perceived size of the space bigger.

With this, make sure all your curtains, doors and windows are open will also bring in light and create a throughflow of air. This will allow viewers to walk freely through the home and get a feel for it.


The devil really is all in the details, when it comes to achieving a great result for your property. Adding a fruit bowl with zesty coloured fruit such as lemons or green apples add to the fresh appeal of your home and make it feel more welcoming. A simple idea for accessorising a kitchen or dining room.


Nothing says “come in” like a welcome mat. When viewers get to your front door, you want to invite them to a sensory experience. Your home will smell great, the lighting will bring vibrancy and an overall atmosphere will excite them making them want to spend more time in your home. Why not plug in some soft music to add to the experience too.

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