6 Ways To Make Mindfulness Integral To Your Interior Design

6 Ways To Make Mindfulness Integral To Your Interior Design

You may have read our article on wellness architecture and how the design of your home could influence your mental and psychological well-being. Building on from this we know that life can get chaotic and before we know it, we are doing too much all at one time and not at all present within a moment.

Incorporating design into your home that will make you stop and become more mindful, is a simple reminder and a lifestyle we want to show you how to create.


Natural light has a positive effect on mood and in homes where natural light is not so easy to have access to means getting the artificial lighting right. This will make a significant difference to the calm ambience of the space.

Making an investment in quality light bulbs that mimic natural light is something we recommend. Yes, choosing fluorescent lighting options may seem like a quicker, cheaper fix, but this type of lighting can have a negative impact on mood and emotional well-being, leaving you more prone to feelings of depression and anxiety.

Lighting design should not be one-size-fits-all. Incorporate dimmers in key spaces, such as bedrooms, or living areas, where winding down is important. This can be the first important step to enhanced mindfulness in the home.

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Practicing gratitude is a powerful thing that can lead to feelings of greater happiness and satisfaction. By expressing how thankful you are for the good things that exist in your life, you feel appreciative and positive – feelings that can help you be happier in your professional and personal relationships.

In your home, the placement of gratitude rocks adds a decorative touch with meaning. Rocks can come from anywhere, including your local stream or favourite beach spot, or you can buy crystal rocks, such as Citrine, which is promoted as a great tool to promote abundance and empowerment.

Basically, your gratitude rock becomes a touch-point for your meditation – as you focus on the things that matter to you most. By being grateful for what has happened in your life you become more engaged in the present moment – that can help reduce anxiety, tension and stress. By placing your gratitude stones in your favourite reflective space in your home, you’ll be inspired to use them to add to the sense of relaxation.


Many people believe that different types of crystals have unique properties that help create different moods. Try ruby, garnet or hematite in family-friendly areas of your home to create a sense of unification and acceptance; bloodstone or orange calcite in the bedroom for enhanced feelings of physical intimacy, and amethyst in your home office space to help you manage vague feelings and reduce headaches. Whether you believe in the purported healing powers of crystals or not, using colourful stones in your home as a decorative feature can be a beautiful touch.

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When the divide between exterior and interior is broken down the mood is boosted. With that fact in mind, nature is an easy way to improve feelings of positive well-being. Artworks inspired by nature of which the colour palettes reflect the outdoors, trigger emotional responses in the same way exposure to the natural environment does. This can add to greater mindfulness and calm – feelings that will make your home a happier, healthier place to be.

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Stunning candles that are rich with the fragrance of pure essential oils are a lovely touch to any calm interior space. Of course, safety is always important, so keep them away from little children and fire dangers such as flowing curtains or other soft furnishings. Choose candles with scents that have a positive impact on your home, from warm, zesty citrus scents, to pretty florals, or rich, woody aromas that add a homey, peaceful accent to your interior style.

In your own home, mindfulness can be enhanced with designated quiet times to simply sit, listen to your favourite music, read a book, do some yoga stretches, or simply sit and think over a cup of tea or coffee, or your favourite healthy juice. Use of colour, the art of de-cluttering visible shelves and surfaces, as well as adding sensory pleasures such as touchable cushions and blankets to drape over the couch, or a soft rug to be underfoot in heavy traffic areas can all help you stay focused and more mindful about the way you move about within your home – and how to enjoy it.

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