6 Ways To Keep The Cold Out Of Your Home

6 Ways To Keep The Cold Out Of Your Home

Rainy with a chance of thunderstorm. Sounds like winter is here! It is imperative that you get your home prepared for this hibernation period, pronto.

We want to give you 6 key ways to keep your home warm through these cold winter days and give you the tools to create that inviting, comfortable haven for you to come home to every day.

We know you will be pumping the heater and cranking the lights during these short winter days, so we have thrown in some extra tips to keep your energy bill under control this winter.


Big rugs, small rugs, round rugs, rectangle rugs. We will take them all! Bringing large or runner rugs into your home to dress cold floor hallways can create warmth underfoot. We all know there is nothing better than stepping barefoot onto a warm, cosy rug after a long day at work. Don’t be afraid to experiment with layering your rugs to give your home that stylish edge – we guarantee the more you layer, the warmer you will feel.


Introducing thick curtains instead of light sheers can really warm up a property and create a lush, luxe feel. Swapping out your existing doona to an extra thick fit will create a comforting space in your bedroom, and keep you warm throughout the night without having to turn on the air con. Layer throws on your bed for extra warmth and style, and don’t forget to switch out your regular pillows for those extra comfy cushions. Welcome to the ultimate comfort experience.

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Winter is a time to be indoors, but this doesn’t mean you have to cut off your connection to the outside world! Bring the outside in to help fight off that housebound feeling. Fresh flowers, succulents, or indoor plants will breathe new life into your home, literally! Your indoor flora will purify the air during the months where you are less likely to open your windows.

BONUS TIP – Pull back those curtains and let that natural light shine in during the day. Not only will this help capture the daylight and suns warmth, but it will also visually warm up your space. This is essential in ensuring maximum warmth for your winter home.


Burning candles is a fantastic way to create an ambient, relaxing space in your home. Not only will this give your home that fresh spa atmosphere but will also bring light and warmth to the space, two essential factors in keeping the cold out of your home this winter.

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Switch out your light globes to those which are energy efficient. As you are guaranteed to have lights on in your home more often than any other time of the year, this will give you peace of mind when receiving that winter energy bill.


Winter is all about comfort and creating a space that you can happily hibernate in during the cold months. By ensuring you have enough storage solutions, such as baskets to store extra blankets and pillows in, you will not only find yourself de-cluttering your home but you will also create easy access to the essential cozy winter items for those extra chilly nights.

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