6 Styling Trends To Look Out For In 2019

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6 Styling Trends To Look Out For In 2019

Now that the Pantone colour of the year has been announced – Living Coral for those of you who haven’t yet heard – the tone has been set for the rest of the styling trends in 2019 (pun intended). Over the past couple of years, we saw the rise of Scandinavian simplicity and Modern Mid-Century sleekness, but 2019 is taking a different direction. Statements will be made. Instagramable moments are coming.

We’re here to break down the top trends to look out for in 2019 and help make sure your interiors are in check. No interior faux pas are going to be made on our watch! Here are 6 trends to embrace next year:

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For the Greek Goddess (or God)
I think it’s safe to say at least once a day, our mind wanders to the stunning cliffs of Santorini and FOMO kicks in. To cushion the blows of wanderlust, white stucco exteriors and paired back minimal earthy interiors are coming to the shores of Australia. Create your own Mediterranean oasis at home with short-legged, hardwood and wrought iron furniture and keep it select. Less is more in this instance. Add an earthy, textured rug to warm up the space.

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For the Moroccan Explorer
Living Coral comes into play for this one. Peach and apricot also belong to this colour family and they are here to make a statement. Warm up your home with terracotta walls, vases, planters and roof tiles. Intricate, geometric tiling patterns are a staple for this theme – create an outdoor mural or cover your kitchen cabinetry. Arched doorways and frescoed ceilings go the extra mile to really tie the look together.

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For the Nostalgic
The 60’s and 70’s are back in business! For those of you who want to get nostalgic and bring back the sunken lounges and stone fireplace from your childhood home, 2019 is your year to do it. Forget about bar carts – inbuilt bars are coming back with a vengeance and we are so here for it! Time to start stocking up your drinks collection and wipe down those martini glasses. Speakeasies at home – it’s going to be a thing. May as well bring out the old record player while you’re at it.

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For the Amazonian Adventurer
Palms, ferns, hanging plants, more hanging plants, lush greenery – essentially a greenhouse.. in your home is the goal. Plant lovers unite, it’s your time to shine! Mix and match your pots, play with height and experiment with your grouping. The foyer of your home as well as under stairwells are great places to show off your green-thumb skills and achieve ultimate jungle vibes. Just remember to choose plants that thrive indoors and don’t forget to water them and taken them out in the sun every now and then!

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For the Carrie Bradshaw Manhattaner
Now that fashion blogger slash vlogger slash influencer is now a full-time occupation, their general vibe is impacting interior styling. Think pretty pinks, bold zebra prints, dalmatian dotted wallpaper paired with gold accented furniture. Framed fashion design posters in pairs or as part of a gallery wall is a big yes. Carrie Bradshaw’s loud fashion statements and bright apartment to match is what we’re aiming for here. The brighter the better, the bolder the best.

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For the Rising Banksy
Lettering has really taken off in the last year and now it’s making its way onto walls. Calligraphy and script wall art have been turned into fluro neon signs but we see this being taken one step further with the emergence of murals and even wallpaper. We love our words of wisdom and now they’re staying permanently in our homes for a daily reminder. Now we have no excuse but to carpe diem!

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