5 Tips To Clean Up Your Home For The New Year

5 Tips To Clean Up Your Home For The New Year

Your home is the perfect place to start a fresh new year. It is not only important for your health but for the upkeep of your gorgeous furniture and décor you have spent time and money on. Knowing the best products and secrets for the job will make it that much easier.  Our top tips will give you a head start on those New Year’s resolutions. Be proud of your home and of course, keep it clean.


Get your cleaning kit up to scratch with these secret weapons:

Jiffy -This is the product you need to use to remove scuff marks from walls, pleather, and plastic furniture.

Goo Remover – Those sticky labels on vases, candles and canisters will be off before you know it.

Touch-up pens – Wood stain furniture pens (available at hardware stores) reduce the look scratches and chips in your furniture and come in a variety of colour stains. Liquid paper is great for touching up white furniture with scuffed edges too.


There is a reason Pantone named “Greenery” as their colour of 2017. Having beautiful indoor plants doesn’t only create lush interiors and a perfect way to full a space, but they provide incredible health benefits to your home too. Plants purify the air when releasing oxygen, and we all know what a bit of fresh, clean air can do for us. Be careful, not all plants are made for your indoor space. Check out our guide to indoor plants for more.

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Whether it is lavender oil or tea tree, the uses for essential oils extend further than a relaxing scent from an oil burner. Mixing different oils and ingredients such as lemons or vinegar can create a number of solutions for cleaning your home. From vacuum cleaners and washing machines to shower curtain scum, you can use these oils anywhere as an all-purpose cleaner.


The belongings around your home collecting dust should be worth spending time cleaning. If you have a pile of magazines that are only touched when they are wiped down, get rid of them! Having less “stuff” around you and your home is not only easier to clean but reminds you of what is important to have in your surroundings. If you haven’t had a good use for it in 6 months, don’t keep it in your home.


This tip is for those who struggle to clean regularly, as well as those who become a little bit obsessed with it and forget to just enjoy their home. We all know consistency is key. Cleaning as you go is definitely helpful, but there is the deep cleaning which needs to be done every so often. We suggest putting a day aside to do the proper cleaning and the rest of the time, sit back and enjoy the time in your home.

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