5 Steps to Alfresco Living This Summer

5 Steps to Alfresco Living This Summer

The warmer months mean barbeques, balmy nights and plenty of excuses to head outside. With many of us sacrificing space for location, it’s time to make use of those neglected balconies, patios and courtyard areas.

Transform your outdoors into fabulous and functional spaces, ready for evening drinks in the sun with friends or afternoons spent reading and relaxing alone. Learn the tricks of the trade and discover the must-have items you need to create an outdoor room with serious ‘wow!’ factor.

In just a few easy steps, we reveal how easy it is to experience the best of alfresco living this summer.



Rethink your furniture choices and replace large, weathered items with fresh pieces. Long gone are the days of bulky dining settings that absorb precious floor space. Choosing smaller seating options increases the flow and flexibility of your alfresco areas, able to adapt to your needs in all kinds of social situations.

Think ottomans, stackable chairs and coffee tables that can be shifted around at a moment’s notice. These pieces will declutter your outdoors and create a more relaxing entertaining set up.

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Give your outdoors an instant boost with the addition of potted plants. Create a lush oasis with a mixture of bright flowers and low maintenance greenery. These will liven up even the dullest of outdoor areas, and are the perfect portable option for renters and apartment dwellers.

Have more space to play with? Why not create a spectacular green wall for an eye-catching pop of colour. Try planting Boston Ivy next to walls and watch as it grows over the exposed brickwork as the weather warms up.

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It’s the most overlooked aspect of entertaining, but music is crucial to creating ambience in any living space. Available in a variety of styles and price points, outdoor friendly speakers are the ideal way to impress your friends and family.

Go the extra mile and set up wireless speakers that guests can use during their visit. This will encourage others to interact with your space, and ensures you’ll never be stuck on which song to play next!

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As day turns to night, it’s important to have a plan when it comes to alfresco lighting. Although daylight savings means longer nights, you’ll still want to prepare for what to do when the sun finally goes down.

We recommend stringing up outdoor friendly fairy lights for a simple yet stylish lighting option. These can be hung between trees or balcony posts, and can be easily packed away when you move on to your next home.

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Nothing completes an alfresco area like seasonal styles and final touches. Adding decorative items in vibrant colours and prints creates a space that is stylish and inviting, and able to change as new trends come and go.

Including throws and cushions in bold patterns will maximise the look and feel of your seating. Strategically hung mirrors creates the illusion of larger spaces, while vases in a range of heights and materials are a simple way to make a chic, dramatic statement. Pay attention to the little details and make the most of your outdoor living spaces this summer!

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