5 items that will make your guests feel like they’re staying in a luxe hotel

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5 items that will make your guests feel like they’re staying in a luxe hotel

It’s the little things that really show your guests that you have gone to great effort, to make them feel at home whilst staying with you.

Add that extra luxurious touch and blow your guests’ minds with these 5 items:

Soft, fluffy towels

There’s nothing like a soft fluffy towel in a luxurious hotel to make you feel pampered. Invest in some high-quality cotton towels and place them neatly – rolled or folded, at the foot of the bed or beside the bed on an occasional chair. Try Sheridan for a great range of luxurious towels. Remember to include a face washer and a hand towel.

sheridan towels

Image: Sheridan Australia

A scented candle

We do love our scented candles. Light a candle in the guest bedroom an hour or so before your guests arrive to have the room smelling amazing and create ambience.

coco luxe candle

Image: Cocoluxe Australia

Luxe toiletries

Place some mini bottles of shampoo, conditioner and body wash or a nice soap with your guest towels or in the guest bathroom. Collect unused ones from hotels you’ve stayed at or stock up on travel-size minis for when you have guests over.

Oribe shampoo

Image: Beautiful Colour Range by Oribe – Available from Net-a-Porter.

Surprise treats

Blow your guests away by placing some welcome treats in their room. Little bottles of spirits or some chocolates and sweets usually do the trick.

mini patron

Image: Patron XO Café 50ml from Dan Murphy’s.

Fresh flowers

A small arrangement of fresh flowers in the guest bedroom is a lovely way to welcome your guests and make the room look pretty. Your local supermarket flowers will do the trick, place one or two stems in a thin tall vase to give a minimalist, designer look.

flowers guest bed

Image: EMI Interior Design

What touches do you like to add to your spare room for guests? Comment below to share your thoughts.

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*Featured image: Coqui Coqui Boutique Hotel – Yucatan, Mexico

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