5 Clever Ways To Reuse Candle Votives

5 Clever Ways To Reuse Candle Votives

If you are anything like us, you just cannot have enough candles in your home. Whether it’s for creating a mood, adding a gorgeous fragrance or part of your coffee table decor, candles are always welcome in the home. More so, candle votives are beautiful to have and are great for a number of uses once your candle has been used up. We have a few clever tips on reusing your candle votives.


Depending on what your votive is made from, cleaning the excess wax out of the holder can be pretty easy. Use a blunt knife to scoop out leftover wax then put it in the microwave for about 20 seconds to melt the residue- wipe this out using paper towel. Make sure the votive can go in the microwave!

Another way to clean it out is to put your candle in the freezer for about an hour and use a blunt knife to scoop out excess wax. You can use vinegar, baby oil or olive oil which will make it easy to remove once the wax has shrunk from the cold.


Candle votives can be a perfect potted plant holder which can go on your desk, in your bathroom or even on a shelf anywhere in your home or office. Take your empty votive to a plant store to see if the proportion of the plant fits the depth of the holder. They may even pot the plant for you right there. If there isn’t a lot of depth, go for a succulent or smaller plant. If you have a tall, narrow votive it will make a perfect mini orchid pot. The bigger the votive, the bigger the plant can be without looking out of proportion.

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The uses for your candle votive in your home or work office are endless. From pen holders to paperclip holders, you will definitely be adding a bit of glam to your space with this. Taller candle holders are better for this so your stationery won’t topple over.

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By combining rose gold, gold or any other colour paperclips, pretty pens and bulldog clips you won’t just be creating general desk organisation, but also adding a little extra appeal to your office- It’s the little things which give you a creative boost.


If your makeup needs a little bit of organisation about it or you’re tired of cleaning makeup bags, the best thing to store it all in a used candle votive. Makeup brushes, lipstick and eyeliner will all be kept in order and a good way to keep it all clean.


Often candle votives have lids which, once used are ideal for cotton balls and cotton tips or even make up remover wipes. By becoming a container, you can put these on display in your bathroom which looks fantastic too. The more organised your bathroom, the more you will enjoy spending time in it.


Depending on where you bought your candle from, some companies will refill your candle container for you at a lower price. If not, nothing is better than a candlelit bath so why not add a new candle to your holder. Tealight and stand-alone candles are perfect for these.

What do you use your candle votive for? Comment below to let us know. 

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