3 Tips To Styling Your Bedside Table

3 Tips To Styling Your Bedside Table

The pace of modern life has never been more demanding. At the end of a long day, it’s important to return to a space that feels inviting and restorative. Our bedrooms are the ideal place to create a sanctuary from our chaotic lives using thoughtful home interiors.

Get the most out of your bedroom by designing the ultimate bedside table. In just three simple steps, we reveal why good lighting is an instant mood booster, how functional design can transform your space and what accessories are essential to completing any bedside table.

With these easy adjustments, you’ll learn how to produce inspiring interiors that realise the full potential of your bedroom.


There’s no better way to unwind than by reading a good book. Turning off all electronics at least two hours before bed is proven to allow for deeper and more restful sleep, plus will ensure you wake up feeling fresh every day.

One of the biggest deterrents from reading before bed is poor bedside lighting. A good source of bright light will prevent eye strain and fatigue, and give you that added motivation to keep smartphones out of the bedroom.

Choose a lamp to compliment the shape and size of your bedside table, and remember to leave ample room for books, candles and decorative furnishings. Play around with lampshades in bold colours and textures, and be sure to select globes that will cast bright warm light across your bedside setting.

Want to make a real statement? Try hanging pendant lights above your bedside tables to create dramatic visual interest. This will free up space on your tables, and draw the eye upward to give the illusion of a more spacious room.

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Think of your bedside table as the foundation to your bedroom design. It should add balance and symmetry to the space and provide enough storage to house all your daily essentials.

Select a material to suit your room’s existing décor, and pay attention to the height and width of the item. A good rule to follow is to pick a table that is the same height as your mattress to ensure maximum comfort and functionality.

Keep things minimal by choosing furniture with drawers, allowing you to store cords and personal belongings out of sight. This will help you keep your bedside surfaces clear of clutter, and transform your bedroom into a serene and tranquil oasis.

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Make your bedside tables your own and personalise your styling elements. This surface space offers endless possibility when it comes to décor choices, so pick and choose items that best suit your taste and needs.

Display decorative frames with photos that spark joy and capture fond memories. Inject living colour with bunches of fresh flowers or small ferns, and burn scented candles that fill the room with sweet, delicate fragrance.

Keep jewellery and small trinkets organised with ring dishes, and accessorise with metallic ornaments for added luxury and glamour. Placing healing crystals on your bedside table can help to cleanse and purify your space, as we explain on our blog ‘Crazy About Crystals’ here.

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