3 Common Mistakes When Renovating Heritage Homes

3 Common Mistakes When Renovating Heritage Homes

Renovating your home can generate large rewards but things can go wrong without proper planning, especially in regards to beautiful period homes. Special consideration should be taken when renovating a heritage home.

Here are 3 mistakes to avoid when renovating heritage properties.


This is a common renovation plan for many terrace homes as opening up a wall between a dining room and a living room can have a great visual impact, make the space feel larger, let in more natural light and also create better flow. However removing the wrong walls can create serious problems. Before you plan to knock down any walls you should have a builder or/and an engineer advise on the ramifications of removing a wall.

Some walls are load bearing, which means they are structural and disperse the weight of the roof. Removing a weight bearing wall may cause major cracking to brickwork and in some cases cause the roof to collapse – so ensure you are properly advised before going ahead.

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Most heritage homes have beautiful plaster details like cornices, ceiling rose, thick skirting boards and window trims.

Laying modern high-gloss tiles or other highly modern finishes throughout will take away from the original character of the home.

If renovators want to completely modernise a terrace, we recommend removing all the period details so there is no style clash with the finished result.

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Older homes and terrace houses often have beautiful façades. Some homeowners render the front structure and swap out windows and front doors without investing time into researching heritage rules and restrictions, which are imposed by the local council. This impacts the entire street scape and can look really out of place.

Painting façades in bright or modern colours can create an eyesore, where softer more neutral colours tend to bring out the true character of the period façade. There are also particular colour schemes that may not be allowed by your local council so best to check this first.

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