The Interiors Trends You Need To Watch In 2018

The Interiors Trends You Need To Watch In 2018

January is right around the corner, and the new year means 365 days of new opportunities! If you’re working on your 2018 goals, why not include a home styling reboot in your new year’s resolutions too?

This year is set to hold big things for the world of home interiors. With exciting looks emerging, there’s plenty of reason to update your home and experiment with new styles. From the luxe regency trend to rustic furniture designs, we reveal the definitive list of what trends to watch in 2018!


Calling back to the Golden Age of Hollywood, the new year promises plenty of elegance and glamour. Seen today in luxury hotels like Sydney’s The Langham, this trend is all about luxe accents and bold metallic furnishes.

Transform your home with luxe textures, fabrics and finishes. Include silk and satin drapes, lacquer furniture, exotic rugs and mirrored accents to create a feeling of indulgence in your space. Look at stores such Vignette Room and Coco Republic for furniture and homewares inspiration.

Image: The Langham, Sydney


Offering a twist on the hugely popular Scandi style, the Japandi trend is set to evolve in 2018. Shying away from the light timbers and blonde woods of previous years, this latest revival sees a dramatic shift toward dark materials.

Retaining its emphasis on minimal design, the Japandi look will feature dark shades like Rosewood and Walnut. Opt for grey and black furniture pieces and pair with mint green and deep blues to complete the look.

Image: Houzz


Embrace the beauty of raw materials with the rustic earth trend. This style emphasises handmade and found objects such as feathers, shells, coral and twigs.

Reconnect with nature and incorporate rustic materials into your home interiors. Look for timber stools reminiscent of tree trucks, sisal rugs and neutral accents of calico, hemp and wool. Finish off with soft linen furnishings in a mixture of greys, beiges and whites.

Image: Vault Interiors Property Styling


Jewel tones are set to be a big trend for 2018 and make for an easy addition to any home. Adding a few simple pieces in both your bedroom and living spaces are guaranteed to add a sense of opulence to your space.

Get the look by using shades of plum, emerald and deep navy. This trend is all about bringing retro designs into a modern context, so look for materials such as faux fur and velvet to add an element of lavish sophistication to your styling.

Image: Vault Interiors Property Styling

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